PearPC on Ubuntu

NOTE: This is from the previous version of this web site and may be wholly outdated. Originally published in 2007...
Note: I already have Os X installed on a disk image I am pulling over from my windows install.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pearpc
copy files (hd image, video.x, nvram) to /etc/ppc directory
edit ppc.conf with the file paths as /etc/ppc/filename for each in conf file...
gksudo gedit /etc/ppc/ppc.conf
...if you don't edit this file you will recieve this "<Error> test/imgs/linux.img: could not open file (no such file or directory)". 
I also edit the amount of ram to 512
and also, set the cpu to g4
cpu_pvr = 0x000c0201
Make sure to "un" comment both of these values or PearPC will revert to defaults (128mb ram G3)
Then, run pearpc
ppc ppc.conf
Next up, getting PearPC/OsX10.3.9 on the net using this info ... Update: broken link :(