Eclipse PDT setup for Drupal Developement with SVN

Eclipse for Drupal Development

There are lots of posts on getting Eclipse setup for Drupal development, I'm just providing the links to the ones I found, found most helpful, and some notes on things that have changed in those articles or points that I found to be different.

Start with:  A great video that walks you through setting up Eclipse PDT on Os X... I noticed that in the video, Eclipse is version "Galileo", whereas I've used "Helios".  This probably accounts for some of the discrepancies.  


- get the Drupal Templates here follow the instructions in the README.txt file
- When setting up MAMP for debugging, use the php folder names that you see. in the video they use ‘php5’ while on my install I've chosen ‘php5.2’
- in MAMP preferences, make sure php is turned to 5.2 and not 5.3 (or choose 5.3 above)
- in MAMP preferences, turn off XCACHE
- use this code in your php.ini file, the last line in my file looked like this
- replace that with >
; uncommented for use with  Eclipse
; make sure to go to MAMP PHP preferences and disable XCache
I found these videos helpful as well:
PHP Tutorial: Using Eclipse+PDT as a PHP IDE:
Part 1
Part 2


in Eclipse, go to ‘help->install new software’
- in the ‘work with’ field type in ""  (version 1.6 is the newest as of this writing)
- select all three options (Core SVNKit Library, Optional JNA LIbrary, and Sublipse)
- agree to any agreements and continue
- Eclipse will want to restart, go ahead
NOTE: this helps get past some of the errors I was experiencing…"In preferences, under Team..SVN I wold change the ‘SVN interface’ client to ‘SVNKit’, this is not selected by default but I cannot get SVN to work with the default client." from
If you are still unable to connect with SVN-
Get the file which corresponds to your OS at account is required...
follow instructions here to add SVN repository, and to connect to it,