Linux is calling me back

Way back in 2006, I "switched" to Linux from Windows Xp (even had a nifty tri-boot setup with WinXP, Ubuntu 7, and Marklar), but it was a half hearted switch: I was still using Windows apps (like Dreamweaver) within *nix.  In late 2007, I switched to Mac.

Flash forward to now and I'm 90% sure I could do all I need on an Android device... but they are not quiet there yet.  I really liked the idea of a the WebTop that Motorola attempted, and I've been watching closely as Ubuntu itself has been pushing its own version of this (hurry up already!!!)

Time to dip my toes back in.  Currently setting up a virual machine with the latest Ubuntu, with the goal of setting it up for all of my dev work (which is mostly Drupal)... Let's see how well Ubuntu plays with Android, will I be able to take my Dev on the road?

Step 1: install the latest Ubuntu in a VM, setup for Dev

Step 2: investigate options for integrating with an Androide Device (LinuxonAndroid?)