The TODO list Part 1

So I'm going to try to focus on a number of projects which will hopefully make me better at what I do, and look good on a resume/in an interview, natch.

  1. Make my own Drupal site(s) look better (learn panels, contexts, etc... write custom modules to alter contrib themes... learn best practices along the way).
  2. Refine my Eclipse IDE setup (Drupal templates, etc). DONE!
  3. Set up a Linux server... learn to admin ;) use terminal/command line more.
  4. Finish all the tutorials/examples in Pro Drupal Development (2nd edition...future step would be to move on to the 3rd edition covering Drupal 7.)
  5. Finish all the tutorials/examples in Lullabots Drupal Module Development.
  6. Seek PHP/MySQL certification?

Well, that's enough for now.  Hopefully I can share my experiences with the above in near future!