What's next...


Well,  I've been fairly busy of late, and I'm wondering what I can really use all this for...
Since I design web sites, it is ideal to test these new sites on multiple platforms, and since I don't yet want to spend the money and upgrade my current laptop (to make virtualization less painful),  I am going to turn this G4 tower my "test bed".
I've installed Os 9.2, Os X .3, and now with the OrangePC 620, Windows 95!!!
So the next step is to try and get my Apple Compatibility Card running alongside the OrnagePC-620, for multiple windows environment at once!!  
Maybe I can install Windows 98 or NT on the 620, and Windows 95 or 98 on the ACC?  Maybe I'll bite the bullet and get a OrangePC-660 for the most compatibility.
I have a use for this madness, and it may even be deductible!!!  Excelsior! 
PS.  As an end note to the whole "get the card working thing" in regards to the OrangePC Windows Compatibility Card,  get the latest software before you make attempt number 1.  This turned out to be the only thing holding me back.  Cheers,