Update 2: still nothing...


Update: still nothing...


So far, nothing


The (PC) cards have landed!!!


Okay!!!  I've just purchased an old Apple PC Compatibility Card (with a whopping 100mhz 586 cpu), an OrangePC 530 and a 620(with all software and cables!!! this one looks like my best bet...) 
Hopefully we'll see some progress soon!!!
Also, I wouldn't mind getting linux running on my G4, and then seeing if a PC CompCard will work within MOL (mac-on-linux)?  We shall see....  Cheers for now!!

First Entry!!! Apple Pc Cards enroute!


Well, I've started it now.  I've just purchased an Apple "DOS" card (featuring a pentium processor, and able to run Windows) and an OrangePC 530 card (user upgradeable socket 7 cpu, should run Windows 98) and am now looking at an OrangePC 620 and OrangePC 660!  Hopefully they will be here soon... 
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