Super Strat custom wiring

A while back, I finally decided on the pickup set for my old fav `91 Ibanez RG570: Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck and Evolution in the bridge, with a Wilde L-298sm in the middle (designed/built by Bill Lawrence). Similar to Steve Vai's setup, I thought it'd do this guitar justice.

Now, one of the guitars I used to drool over as a teen was the Gibson MIII, which was essentially another HsH guitar, but with a twist: an additional switch altered the 5way switch to provide more options (I'm talking about the early 90's version, not the reissue which doesn't have the extra switch/options!).  I looked into that wiring, and I thought I'd come up with something a bit more usefull for me: at one point I had this guitar wired up with only 2 humbuckers and a 5way super switch (diagram here). So, I thought I'd add a push pull to switch between that and the standard/expected wiring.

With the push pull up, this is what you get with each postion of the 5way, 1 to 5 (darker grey is the active pickups/coils)

...and with the push pull down...

Some of the differences are very subtle, while others are must haves (both humbuckers together).  I must say, the split humbucker sounds are very different from single coil settings with the middle pickup.  Obviously, the postions 1 and 5 sound the same on both ;)  Unlike on the original M3, I really didn't feel the need to have a "kill" position take up one of the options... I'll add a toggle switch if I want that. And I really wanted to add those outer/inner coil options. The M3 does a great job of removing duplicate options, however, I think I have enough single coil sounds here to miss out on the neck and bridge alone single coil options (they wouldn't be noise cancelling either, eww!)

Here is the wiring scheme (I think the tone is actually wired up differently, I'll update that later...)