Mason Bernard Guitar: Hands on Part 1

After seeing a friend of a friends post on facebook, a picture of two guitars- one a vintage/high-end looking BC Rich, the other one I did not recognize.  The mutual friend showing me the post mentioned that this person probabaly wouldn't buy a garbage guitar.

Les Paul wiring Part 2

Okay, now I'm good.
I've just finished updating the wiring job from the other week... Swapped out the Blusebucker for a vintage Lawrence L-500. As much as I like the Blusebucker, it is not versatile at all.  It's also much easier to clean up a hot pickup.

Les Paul wiring, 5way + 3way!!!

Initially, I wanted to wire up my `91 Gibson Les Paul (Studio Lite) as Bill Nash does, which is basically two humbuckers with the tone controls set to split each when turned past 8... But I wanted more options ;)

Super Strat custom wiring

A while back, I finally decided on the pickup set for my old fav `91 Ibanez RG570: Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck and Evolution in the bridge, with a Wilde L-298sm in the middle (designed/built by Bill Lawrence). Similar to Steve Vai's setup, I thought it'd do this guitar justice.

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