Les Paul wiring, 5way + 3way!!!

Initially, I wanted to wire up my `91 Gibson Les Paul (Studio Lite) as Bill Nash does, which is basically two humbuckers with the tone controls set to split each when turned past 8... But I wanted more options ;)

I also considered the Jimmy Page wiring scheme, with a push-pull on each volume pot to split that pickup, and a push pull on each tone- one to put the pickups out of phase with each other, and one to put them in and out of series with each other... but I thought that would be alot of push-ing and pull-ing.

Another guitar I've dreamed of owning is the Les Paul Recording, which takes it all to a new level: with a 3way switch as normal, and an additional 'tone' switch which changes what circuit you get (if I remember correctly, one position was normal(full use of all controls), another bypassed the phase switch and decade pot, and the last bypassed the 3way switch altogether... here's a better explanation).  Nice, but probably a little too complex for me to be able to wire up...

(ps, check out my custom wiring for my Ibanez here)

So, I came up with this solution:  I removed one of the tone controls and put in a five way rotary switch (think Vari-tione) which I'd use to determine what the pickups would be doing (different spliting options, etc).  Part of my plan was to be able to use one of these settings for a full song using as few settings changes as possible (say, just the 3way).

Note: I ended up with a Dimarzion (PAF correction) Air Classic in the neck and a Bluesbucker in the bridge.  The Bluesbucker doesn't provide much of a difference when it is split, very subtle, so another pickup choice would provide better return, though I do quite enjoy it as is (I'm pretty much living in position 3, which has nice progression between the settings...). Also, I have it turned away from the bridge, so the main coil is closer to the neck (which matters for this pickup...apparently).

In this diagram, I'm trying to show what pickup/split possibilities are available on the 3way switch depending which position the 5way is in.

The active coils in each position are shown in darker grey. 

Quick break down:
Pos 1 both full 
Pos 2 both split
Pos 3 bridge full, neck split (bridge split in rhythm position)
Pos 4 bridge split, neck full
Pos 5 bridge full, neck(parallel, shown in blue)

Add in the series/parallel and phase/out-of-phase push pull pots, and I think I'm set ;)

Parts Notes: The three way switch is a DP3T, wires up like this one, though I'm not using the right-angle variety. Using the 5way Rotary from Stew-mac, had to cut away the electronics plate that the pots all sit on in order to get this to fit in, and still be fastened to the guitar from the top as i could not find a long-shaft version of this.