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Drush on Osx Lion: Surprise addition to the TODO list

Setting up my new(to me) Mac pro (2009), and as a dedicated drupal advocate/enthusiast/up-and-coming-guru, I've installed Drush, "Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those of us who spend some of our working hours hacking away at the command prompt."

Problem is, after going through the README text file and installing it, trying to run it gave me the error "Could not start up."

The TODO list Part 1

So I'm going to try to focus on a number of projects which will hopefully make me better at what I do, and look good on a resume/in an interview, natch.

Photo Gallery of PC Cards

My OrangePC 530. Although a more robust feature set (see the cable below, multiple cpu jumper settings available), I had little luck with this particular item. Probably damamaged goods. Ebay: you win some, you lose some.

OrangePC 620 in action


After a clean install of Os 9 (was trying to setup a tri boot system with OsX, Os9, and Ubuntu, which was not going well) tossed the 620 in there and fired it up!  After installing the OrangePCi software, then the 3.4.2 update, booted up into Windows 98, looks great, no image problems or anything!  I'll post some pictures shortly.
Thanks to all for the support getting this card up and running!  OrangePC lives!!!
Also, I've uploaded the OrangePCi v. 3.4.2 installer here

the Test Bed


Trouble shooting gets old...


What's next...


SUCCESS!! OrangePC 620 boot!!!


Updating the software to version 3.4.2 and success!  Was able to boot, post, and even go into the BIOS!!!  Now to install an OS!
more to follow...

Update 3: more info...


Update 2: still nothing...


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