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Mason Bernard Guitar: Hands on Part 1

After seeing a friend of a friends post on facebook, a picture of two guitars- one a vintage/high-end looking BC Rich, the other one I did not recognize.  The mutual friend showing me the post mentioned that this person probabaly wouldn't buy a garbage guitar.

Les Paul wiring Part 2

Okay, now I'm good.
I've just finished updating the wiring job from the other week... Swapped out the Blusebucker for a vintage Lawrence L-500. As much as I like the Blusebucker, it is not versatile at all.  It's also much easier to clean up a hot pickup.

Les Paul wiring, 5way + 3way!!!

Initially, I wanted to wire up my `91 Gibson Les Paul (Studio Lite) as Bill Nash does, which is basically two humbuckers with the tone controls set to split each when turned past 8... But I wanted more options ;)

Super Strat custom wiring

A while back, I finally decided on the pickup set for my old fav `91 Ibanez RG570: Dimarzio PAF Pro in the neck and Evolution in the bridge, with a Wilde L-298sm in the middle (designed/built by Bill Lawrence). Similar to Steve Vai's setup, I thought it'd do this guitar justice.

Linux is calling me back

Way back in 2006, I "switched" to Linux from Windows Xp (even had a nifty tri-boot setup with WinXP, Ubuntu 7, and Marklar), but it was a half hearted switch: I was still using Windows apps (like Dreamweaver) within *nix.  In late 2007, I switched to Mac.

DETOUR!!! Develop for Android... hmmmm

With all my items on the TODO list on the go, going on a bit of a detour tonight... I just found out about the different ways of emulating the Android OS on a mac for development, and you know I'm all about emulation!  Downloading a VM here and the SDK etc here

Facebook commenting!

now visitors can comment on my blog entries with their Facebook credentials, no registration or user account required!


Dusted off my twitter account, which I signed up for back in 2009 and did nothing with at the time... now to integrate it with this site!  There's got to be a Drupal module for that... Added to the TODO list!


PearPC on Ubuntu

NOTE: This is from the previous version of this web site and may be wholly outdated. Originally published in 2007...

Eclipse PDT setup for Drupal Developement with SVN

Eclipse for Drupal Development

There are lots of posts on getting Eclipse setup for Drupal development, I'm just providing the links to the ones I found, found most helpful, and some notes on things that have changed in those articles or points that I found to be different.

Start with:  A great video that walks you through setting up Eclipse PDT on Os X... I noticed that in the video, Eclipse is version "Galileo", whereas I've used "Helios".  This probably accounts for some of the discrepancies.  


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